RaShawn Fitzgerald is the founder and director of Creative Holistic Solutions. She serves as an empowerment coach, holistic health mentor and digital marketing strategist, helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs with success mindset mastery and online marketing strategies. She dedicates herself to guiding entrepreneurs in confidently learning how to position themselves as online experts in their fields and grow their businesses by consistently attracting their ideal audiences in a competitive market. She is also the author of the upcoming digital book Soul Callings: 21 Days to Owning Your Unique Life Path—For Creatives and Spiritual Entrepreneurs, A Daily Devotional. Before becoming an entrepreneur she had a successful career as a teacher, mental health counselor, holistic health practitioner, actor and creative. In her free time, she enjoys travel and spending time with her loved ones.
What inspired you to found Creative Holistic Solutions?
A severe physical illness in 2016 led my life to a complete halt and started me on the path of deep soul searching about my purpose in this life. With the help of some amazing mentors, healers and coaches, I began to find my physical, emotional and spiritual health again. I realized I was being called to show up in the world and speak my authentic truth and encourage others to follow their deepest soul calling. During my professional career, I have worked as a performer/creative, teacher, mental health counselor, holistic health practitioner and social media/digital marketer. I knew my purpose was to combine all my previous work experience into a profitable career that could show others how to do the same thing for themselves. My passion is helping healers, coaches, intuitive counselors, artists and spiritual and creative entrepreneurs step into their soul purpose boldly and confidently. That is how and why Creative Holistic Solutions was born.
Of your successes with CHS, what are some you are most proud of?
I am very proud of the diverse clients I have been able to help and all of the positive feedback that I have received since starting this project. I am most proud of the fact that, so far, Creative Holistic Solutions has had clients all over the world, from Chicago all the way to Germany and the UK. I am proud that we have had such a large reach and can’t wait to see how many more countries we can reach.
Where do you envision the company going from here?
I envision exponential growth of the company in the next year as we will be expanding services to offer empowerment coaching, entrepreneur mentorship and digital marketing services to entrepreneurs on a much larger scale. And 2019 will also be a big year with the eventual release of my digital book Soul Callings: 21 Days to Owning Your Unique Life Path—For Creatives and Spiritual Entrepreneurs, A Daily Devotional.
Is your book an outgrowth of your business? What more can you share about it?
The book is definitely an outgrowth of my business. It is meant to be a manifesto of empowerment for creative, holistic and multi-passionate entrepreneurs. A multi-passionate entrepreneur is one who has more than one passion or career path to pursue in life. And since I am one, I know how difficult it can be to create a career out of multiple passions. I also understand how many discouraging obstacles you face when you finally make that decision that you are going to follow your authentic path. So much doubt and confusion starts to creep up. And financial insecurity, limiting beliefs and, often times, lack of support from the people you need it from the most can make you abandon your mission too quickly without giving yourself a chance to see how much you are actually capable of. My hope is that creative and holistic entrepreneurs read my book and find the motivation to continue with their business ideas and creative pursuits until they reach their ultimate success.
Were there people or activities at Parker that influenced the choices you’ve made since graduating?

I was very into the arts when I was at Parker. I did all of the plays for most of my years at Parker. I was also really into the visual arts classes. It’s no coincidence that I grew up to be an artist and creative person because that part of me was definitely nurtured while I was at Parker. And my favorite teacher was the late and great Mr. Duffy. I will always be a lifelong lover of W.B. Yeats because of Mr. Duffy.
What are some of your favorite Parker memories?
Morning Ex, County Fair and Class Day are among my favorite memories of my years at Parker.
Anything else you’d like to share?
I am so honored and thankful to have been able to share about my entrepreneurial journey and my Parker memories with you.
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